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The sand village/ Sunagakure info Sand_v10

"Sunagakure no sato"

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Sunagakure (砂隠れの里, Sunagakure no Sato; Literally meaning "Village Hidden Among Sand" or "Village Hidden in the Sand") is one of the five great ninja villages, and as such has a Kage, known as the Kazekage, as its leader. The symbol on their headband is of an hourglass.

With its military forces being scaled down by the Land of Wind's Feudal Lord, the Fourth Kazekage realized that they had to increase the quality of each ninja to maintain a military force, Gaara being one of the results of that.

As more time passed, the lord started commissioning Konoha with requests he should have made to Sunagakure. On top of that, he began cutting back on Sunagakure's budget. The Fourth Kazekage realized that if he didn't act quickly, Sunagakure would be in danger of disappearing, so he joined forces with Otogakure in an attempt to destroy Konoha and force the lord to re-establish Sunagakure's military force if he wished for his country to continue existing. With the failure of the attack and the death of the Fourth Kazekage caused by the betrayal of Otogakure, Sunagakure re-allied with Konoha, and Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro assisted Konoha during the mission to retrieve Sasuke. Gaara eventually became the Fifth Kazekage.

Shattered Memories
A memory long fogoton, fading into the past.
How the heart longs, but the memories never last.
A broken heart,shatted dreams,
forgoton memories these are the painful things.
A heart that pleas with shattered dreams for the lost memories.
A memory faded away never to be remembered from
those painful days.
Lost in darkness from the painful forgoton dreams
along with my shattered memories.
The loveliness of dreams but now there just shattered memories.

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