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Trianing grounds Empty Trianing grounds

Post by Saiyo*Ishida on Thu May 08, 2008 1:10 pm

You can train here. practice your gen-jutsu, nin-jutsu and tai-jutsu's.

How you would and another member type back and forth your moves.

"Exp: Lets pretend these two members are real."

Member 1.. Kai

Member 2.. Renji

Kai typing........
I get into a battle stance with a huge smrik.
I pull out two kunai and start running towards Renji.

Renji typing.......
I quickly get into a battling stance and doge the two kunai's flying towards me.
I pull out four shuriken and throw the shuiken at Kai.

You just keep typing till one you decides who will win.

Message me if you have any questen's. Very Happy

Shattered Memories
A memory long fogoton, fading into the past.
How the heart longs, but the memories never last.
A broken heart,shatted dreams,
forgoton memories these are the painful things.
A heart that pleas with shattered dreams for the lost memories.
A memory faded away never to be remembered from
those painful days.
Lost in darkness from the painful forgoton dreams
along with my shattered memories.
The loveliness of dreams but now there just shattered memories.

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