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Love Story

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Post by Saiyo*Ishida Fri Jan 02, 2009 1:43 pm

Occ: Me and Des started a death note story on my sucky naruto site but we had so much fun making up love stories with all kinds of naime's including a few of our own that we made up. Yes we have our own manga. Maybe one of these times I will post mine and Des's manga up once I ask des if its ok. ^^ I hope you like our crazzyness.
I know we had alot of fun RPing. ♥ I played as Mirai Mizaki, I also played L and Des played Ume Nakamura and Light Yagami.

Mirai Mizaki: *She smiles*
Hi my name is Mirai Mizaki.
I'm 17 years old and I have two best friends and one of them is Light Yagami. *She blushes Mentioning Light's name*
Love Story Mirai_10

Ume Nakamura: im Ume Nakamura,im 17 i have 2 friends n thats about it protective of them and i scare ppl wen im mad and with out doing anything..kinda the reason i only have 2 friends
Love Story Pro_mo10

Mirai Mizaki: *she smiles* hay Ume lmost ready for the show???

Ume Nakamura: i guess

Mirai Mizaki: *She blushes* light is going to be watching us!!
urg why do I always blush when I hear or think of him???

Ume Nakamura: *teasing tone*cuz u ♥WUB♥ him!!!!!!!

Mirai Mizaki: *blushes bright red* no I don't love him! hes only our friend remember!! besides he has that misa girl and I don't think she likes us to much!!!

Ume Nakamura: f*ck that whore

Mirai Mizaki: *laughs* but she looks at us like she wants us dead.

Ume Nakamura: idc

Mirai Mizaki: *laughs* I acualy think she would kill us if it wasnt for light

Ume Nakamura: as if she could

Mirai Mizaki: *smirks* yea we could turn her into mesnmeat *pulls out my wrist blades and puts them on and makes them pop out* yea I would use these on her if she tried!!! plus I'm going to wear them and I think there cool!! don't you???

Ume Nakamura: yea

~~~~With L and Light~~~~
L:*walks over to light* light can I speak with you??? *cocks his head to the side puting his finger to his lips*

light:sure but im kinda doing something in a little bit..

L:*looks at him questionalbe with his finger to his mouth with his head cocked to the side* I see but I do need to speak to you it about the kira case. could I join you then??? Love Story Death_note-Ryuzaki

light: sure its a rock consert my friends r playing

L:*looks at him questionalbe with his finger to his mouth with his head cocked to the side* alright Light. what time is the concert???
Love Story L_death_note-1

light: an hour

L:*looks at him questionalbe with his finger to his mouth with his head cocked to the side* hmm alright *pulls out a piece of candy and starts to eat it* who's your friends??? have I ever met them???Love Story L_candy

light: no u havent..there names are Mirai Mizaki and Ume Nakamura

L:*eats another piece of candy* ohh I see. does it brother you that I'm tagging alone light???

light: no if its about the kira case theres no reason 4 u not 2*thinking:if i say no he might think im up to something*

Shattered Memories
A memory long fogoton, fading into the past.
How the heart longs, but the memories never last.
A broken heart,shatted dreams,
forgoton memories these are the painful things.
A heart that pleas with shattered dreams for the lost memories.
A memory faded away never to be remembered from
those painful days.
Lost in darkness from the painful forgoton dreams
along with my shattered memories.
The loveliness of dreams but now there just shattered memories.

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