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Where have the dragonís gone Empty Where have the dragonís gone

Post by mcheif30 on Thu Jul 31, 2008 9:43 pm

Long ago when the world was ours
We watched over the land, sea and sky
There were no wars, or fighting
In peace we all lived

We laughed and played
Until one day,
There came a new creature into our land
It took what it wanted and called itself man

At first we did not oppose
Instead we sought to travel different roads
We tried to stay clear
Only to find them near

When they came upon us
They looked down in disgust
Fearing what they did not know
They hunted us down in droves

As more of them came to our land
We knew that the time was at hand
Some went into hiding a or fought the men
Only to lose in the end

As our teeth and horns they did tally
All the more they rallied
Soon more and more they came
Hunting us till all are slain

Some of us left to find a new home
Travel we did, Far and wide we roamed
A safe haven we could not find
Traveling throughout time

Learned by need
The art of magic to deceive
Transformed ourselves we did
And with that we hid

At hiding we became good
Blending in, being quiet, we stood
We watched and learned
As man destroyed and burned

We learned to take mans form
But we longed to once again soar
Free no longer
We waited and became stronger

The years went by
Man with a Dragon inside
Waiting for the new moon
We knew that the time was soon

During the dark
Man and Dragon would part
To soar once again
To meet old friends

To find ones mate
Soaring through the skies till late
All the Dragons play
Till the sun starts a new day

As the moon gives way to the sun
Man and Dragon must once again become one
We wait for the day when dragon and man
Side by side will stand
master of summoning
master of summoning

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