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Post by Saiyo*Ishida on Wed May 07, 2008 9:55 am

This is the forest of death where wild animals live
and where you will inconter Rouge ninja's.
Caution when enter the forest of death you could be attack
and hurt or killed!!

Forest of death Forest10

Geograhy about "the forest of death"

Forest of Death
The Forest of Death (死の森 Shi no Mori?), also known as the 44th battle training zone, was the stage for the second part of the Konoha Chunin exams. Its primary function served as a testing grounds for the survival and fighting skills of Genin trying to become a Chunin. It is a very dangerous place, filled with hordes of flora and fauna; often gigantic, poisonous, or, even more likely, both, hence its name.
There are 44 entrances into the forest. A metallic fence surrounds its perimeter with 44 gates equally spaced around it; this perimeter is where the ninja enter to initiate the test. Inside is a river, the forest, and a tower located in the center; the forest's radius is about ten kilometers.
The tower is the destination of the ninja after they have collected two scrolls. Each team starts with only one scroll; therefore, to pass the exam, a team must find a team with the opposite scroll and steal it by any means necessary. Inside the tower is the large arena in which the third test preliminaries are held, if too many teams manage to survive to that point. Relatively few teams complete this part of the test; in the Chunin exam arc, seven teams completed the test, prompting preliminary matches.

Shattered Memories
A memory long fogoton, fading into the past.
How the heart longs, but the memories never last.
A broken heart,shatted dreams,
forgoton memories these are the painful things.
A heart that pleas with shattered dreams for the lost memories.
A memory faded away never to be remembered from
those painful days.
Lost in darkness from the painful forgoton dreams
along with my shattered memories.
The loveliness of dreams but now there just shattered memories.

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