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Post by xxyurixxchanxx on Thu May 08, 2008 2:55 am

NAME: Kaymi Inamaru

CLAIN: Inamaru


EYE COLOR: brown

CLOTHING: tan midrift tank top, brown shorts, brown arm warmers, red and tan boots

AGE: 16

RANK: "Acadamy Student" "

JUTSU'S: "Acadamy Student based jutsus's"


BLOOD LINE TRATE (Kekkei Genkai): Sound submission ( able to sing her enemys into a transe like state that renders them helpless)

DEMON: none

WEAPON'S: Uses mostly genjutsu,Ninjutsu and basic nin weapons but has special Kunia with Music notes carved in the sides that creat sound waves that can eaither increase chakara or decrese it depending on the sound it makes when it its somthing


FAMILY: Father and little brother

PAST: Kayumi lived in the sound village all her life until the war between two clans broke out. Her father, not wanting his children to be hurt, decided it was time to leave the sound village but her mother didnt want to and refused to let him take Kayumi and her brother away. So late at night while her mother was fast asleep Kayumi and her father snuck out with her little brother and fled to the leaf village. She has only been living there a few months but hasnt met any one yet, only becuase she was helping her father set up his weapon's shop since he had decided to retire once they reached the leaf.

OTHER: She is Short temperd, adventurous, Outgoing, Out spoken and Sarcastic. Loves ramen and walking around aimlessly for hours with no where to go, trying to found new places to hang out.

Weakness: close range fighting and her temper

Likes: having fun, meeting new people and training

Dislikes: peaople who think there better then everyone else and bullys

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